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 The New Movement-Meretz (Hebrew acronym for Social-Democratic Israel) is a Jewish-Arab social- democratic party formed by the merger of Meretz and The New Movement.

  • We hold the equal value of every man and woman to be the core of our ideological position and the source of our belief in peace, social justice, and human rights.
  • The State of Israel is the state of the Jewish people and of all its citizens.
  • The realization of Zionism will be implemented through Israel's transformation into a place that is attractive to immigrants and from which emigration is minimal. Israel will be integrated into the region in which it is situated and will no longer be regarded as alien to it, while living in security and leading the normal life of a state where concern for its very existence no longer fills its national agenda. Such an Israel will strive to build a model society.
  • The victory in the Six-Day War of 1967 constituted a great military achievement which was to become Israel's greatest curse. The diversion of resources to the occupied territories for over three decades has turned us into occupiers and damaged Israel's moral image, its economy, and its standing in the world. Our role as The New Movement-Meretzis to reverse this situation, to put an end to the occupation, to evacuate the settlers and the IDF from the territories, and to set the state back on the right track.
  • Peace is the instrument through which we can live a normal life. An Israeli-Palestinian peace must be without victors and vanquished, serving the national interests of both parties. Comprehensive peace cannot be attained without agreements with Syria and with Lebanon.
  • A welfare state is the instrument through which we will work to attain social justice by improving the lot of working people and guaranteeing them extensive social services. We are committed to providing economic assistance through policies that will favor them in the area of education and provide ease of access to sources of employment.
  • The kibbutz serves as a rare example of cooperation and equality, and we are committed to both help it maintain its unique way of life and allow it to reenlist in the advancement of social and national goals.
  • A fundamental goal of our world view is education and knowledge. They must be broadened and enhanced in order to minimize the gaps in our society.
  • Our aim is to constantly enlarge the scope of human rights on the basis of international norms and to come to the defense of those who still suffer from discrimination in Israeli society.
  • We will struggle against discrimination on national grounds and for coexistence and equal rights between Jews and Arabs through 'affirmative action'.
  • We will fight for complete equality between men and women and will continue to pursue a policy of 'affirmative action' for women.
  • We will struggle for freedom of religion and freedom from religion and for striking from Israeli law all marriage and divorce legislation based on religion, out of respect for those who believe in the principle of 'live and let live.'
  • We will work to strengthen the status of the courts in Israel, to preserve the rule of law, to achieve a constitution, and to deepen the values of correct and transparent administration characterized by integrity and the elimination of corruption.
  • We will work toward viable development and the improvement of our environment, our air, and our water while preserving ecological values.
  • We are committed to act, to volunteer, and to struggle for the realization of our vision at every level of government and within every facet of public opinion.

The New Movement-Meretz Youth - The New Movement-Meretz Youth was founded in 2003.  The New Movement-Meretz Youth is an educational political youth organization that adheres to the principles of peace, democracy, and social justice as they appear in the Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel, and the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty.  The organization combines educational activity to promote independent and critical thinking and the formation of a worldview based on the humanistic principles of liberty, equality, and human dignity with field activity initiated by the youth themselves in such areas as community service as well as various political spheres.  The organization supports The New Movement-Meretz Party but enjoys complete autonomy in forging its path and activities.       

The Young New Movement-Meretz Members of The New Movement-Meretz age range is in between 18 to 35.
The Young New Movement-Meretz is an autonomous body that is not committed to coalition agreements and political constraints but to the The New Movement-Meretz platform. The Young New Movement-Meretz is represented at all levels in the party and our influence on decision-making is growing. In addition to our representation in the party, we also have our own independent institutions: the Young The New Movement-Meretz Council, which discusses and determines the ideological positions of The Young New Movement-Meretz, and a management committee that supervises the Council. Under The Young New Movement-Meretz regulations anyone can vote or stand in the elections for these institutions. In addition, small teams are active on a large number of political issues, such as religious coercion, peace, settlement policy, civil rights, social issues, women, environmental issues, immigrants and Arab affairs.
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