Our Representatives

Rany Trainin

Rany is World Union of Meretz senior representative in the Ntional Institutions. Rany is a member of the Zionist Executive and the chairman of the Jewish Agency Israel Committee in his second term .(http://www.jewishagency.org/JewishAgency/Hebrew/Israel/Israel_Videos_News/)

Rany, a member of Kibbutz  Beit Nir, is also the chairman of the Yoav regional council, and holds an impressive resume in the public service. Rany served the IDF as a paratroops officer, and is a reserve Lieutenant Colonel.  


Dror Morag

Dror Morag is the current Secretary General of the World Union of Meretz. Dror Is the World Union of Meretz Second Representative to the National Institutions. He is a member of the Zionist Executive, and chairman of the Zionist council for Israel. (http://www.zionist.org.il/).


Dror, a Tel-Aviv resident, holds several positions within Meretz party and Young Meretz, and held sezeral positions in the National Institutions prior to his election as an Executive member.



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