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It has been predicated that within a few decades the majority of the Jewish population will return to their historic homeland and will be living in Israel. If this Zionistic ideology occurs, it is within Israel that the future of the Jewish people will be determined. However, a considerable part of the Jewish people will continue to live in the countries of the Diaspora and will be subject to a growing danger of assimilation. 

Many Jewish people today belong to Jewish frameworks but are not necessarily involved in Zionistic activities. The World Union of Meretz has developed a twofold goal for dealing with this issue. The World Union of Meretz works to encourage all types of Jewish culture within Jewish communities, while simultaneously deepening the commitment to Zionism and to Israel. We believe that the greatest dangers facing Jewish culture in the twenty-first century is cultural globalization and the ignorance of the ultra-orthodox tendency in Judaism.

At the World Union of Mertez, we stress the importance of a liberal and secular Jewish culture, one which draws upon classical Jewish sources for its values and beliefs. A legitimate and equal stream within Judaism is a crucial element for Israel and the Jewish culture. Our attitude toward Jewish values is based on the idea that, “nothing within Judaism should be unfamiliar”. Unfortunately, Jewish culture will continue to suffer from the issues between the Diaspora and Israel, which is why we are continually stressing the idea that Jewish heritage should be viewed not only as religious, but as historical and national.

The World Union Convention
The World Union Convention assembles once every four years, prior to the World Zionist Convention. Representatives from the world branches, leaders of federations, and members of the Meretz party board attend this important convention. The discussions that take place here focus on current issues and events. Additionally, the convention is responsible for electing the General Secretary of the organization, the World Union representatives for the World Zionist Organization and other elected officials for the national institution.

The World Union Secretariat
The World Union secretariat is made up of approximately 56 members from Israel. The secretariat assembles once every three months to discuss everyday matters, as well as essential issues involving consolidation stances and decision proposals for the “Hava’ad Hapoel”.

The World Union of Meretz consists of twenty branches around the world. Many members of these branches are “Hashomer HaTzair” graduates. A branch chair heads each branch and represents their group at the world secretariat located in Israel

Representation at the national institutions
The world union of Meretz is represented at the world Zionist Congress and representation is determined by the faction key and depends on the size of the congress. The world union is also represented at the “Hava’ad Hapoel” that assembles once every year. The world union of Meretz has additional representation during the general assembly of the JNF (also represented at the JNF directorate by Mr. Micha Drori and Mr. Radi Sfuri). Furthermore, The World Union of Meretz is represented by position holders for the national institutions. These position holders include the chair of the committee for Israel at JAFI (Mr. Rani Trainin) and members of the Zionist management board (Mr. Chaim Chayat).  
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