General Secretary Office
Constitution of the World Union of Meretz Movement
Name of the Movement: World Union of Meretz
Address: Beit Amot Hamishpat
8 Shaul Hamelech blvd.
Tel Aviv [ISRAEL]
Telephone: +927-3-609-8998
Fax: +972-3-696-1728
Goals and duties of the World Union of Meretz movement
1.     To serve as a global framework for the national parties and organizations acting to realize the values of World Meretz.
2.     To strengthen the sense of belonging to the Jewish people and to its age-old culture, to deepen the historical and cultural roots of the Jews of the Diaspora, especially the young generation.
3.     To promote the attachment of Diaspora Jews to Israeli society, by cultivating an awareness of the centrality of the State of Israel to the Jewish people’s existence.
4.     To establish Zionist realization as a significant goal in Jewish communal life.
5.     To promote student groups (Kidma Anilevich) throughout the world.
6.     To strengthen the communities, by building democratic institutions and by Zionist-Jewish education in a humanistic spirit in formal and informal frameworks.
7.     To work to strengthen the Zionist federations in every country.
8.     To cultivate the knowledge of Jewish culture and Yiddish and Ladino heritage in all its historic layers and diversities, and to place an emphasis on the study of Hebrew.
9.     To pass on Jewish culture to their children [sic] via education systems, formal and informal, in the spirit of Free Judaism.
10.   To express active solidarity with the Jewish people everywhere that it is suffering oppression or hardship.
11.   To express solidarity with the State of Israel in every way: Immigration, visits, studies, public and financial support, hasbara [PR].
12.   To support the peace camp in the State of Israel in its struggle for an end to the occupation and for a just solution of the conflict between Jews and Arabs.
13.   To promote solidarity with the Kibbutz movement and HaShomer HaTzair.
14.   To serve as the progressive – left wing of the Zionist camp in each and every community.
Institutions of the World Union of Meretz
A.     The Convention
The Convention is the supreme authority of the World Union movement. It discusses and decides upon all the Union’s affairs, and is authorized to delegate its powers to the Union’s institutions.
The Convention is elected once every four years or between one Zionist Congress and the next, and it chooses its institutions.
The term in office of every elected official, in every institution of the world movement, shall be limited to two consecutive terms between one Convention and the next. This rule shall apply to the members of the Zionist Executive as well.
A third term is contingent upon a decision by a 60% majority of those in attendance at the Convention.
1.   The delegates to the Convention will be:
a.    World Meretz delegates to the Zionist Congress.
a.1 Meretz delegates to the Zionist Congress from Israel (will be elected by Meretz Israel.
b.    The deputy delegates (each delegate has two deputies)
c.    The Chairpersons of Zionist federations (Meretz members)
d.    Honorary Members/Friends of the Meretz faction at the Zionist Congress.
e.    The members of the Meretz Israel Executive
f.    The members of the World Union Secretariat
g.   Countries for which Meretz has no representation at the Congress and in which there is an active branch will have one delegate.
h.   The chairpersons of World Union of Meretz branches (who are not Congress delegates)
2.   The Convention will democratically elect:
a.   The Union’s representatives to the Zionist Executive
b.   The General Secretary of the World Union of Meretz.
The General Secretary of the World Union movement
The duty and powers of the General Secretary:
To carry out the policy of the World Union of Meretz.
To represent the World Union in external frameworks.
To take part, ex officio, in all the Union’s central institutions and their committees, as well as in other institutions, such as: Our faction in the Zionist Organization and the Meretz Israel Executive.

B.    Secretariat – World Union of Meretz
B.a. The Secretariat will number no more than 56 members, will be approved by the Convention and will convene at least five times a year.

Candidacy for the Union Secretariat may be submitted by members of the World Convention of the World Union of Meretz.

The following officeholders will be members of the Secretariat ex officio:
1.      Our members on the Zionist Executive.
2.      The General Secretary of the World Union of Meretz.
3.      The Secretary-General of Meretz Israel.
4.      The Secretary of the Kibbutz Artzi
5.      The Secretary of the World Leadership [Hanhaga Olamit – trans.] of the HaShomer HaTzair movement.
6.      Members of the Vaad HaPoel from Israel and the world.
B.b. The Secretariat discusses, decides upon and deals with all the ongoing affairs of the World Union, the Zionist movement, and world Jewry in all its institutions and organizations.
B.c. The Secretariat chooses its representatives to all the committees boards of directors of the national institutions and organizations attached to the Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency.
C.    The Meretz faction on the Zionist Vaad HaPoel
The members of the faction on the Zionist Vaad HaPoel are:
Members of the Zionist Vaad HaPoel.
Deputies on the Zionist Vaad HaPoel.
Members of the Board of Governors.
Honorary Members/Friends.
The delegates belong to the World Union of Meretz faction and are non-transferable. Upon resignation and upon termination of membership, they are returned to the faction.
D.    Elected members of the World Secretariat will be:
4 members from Israel (will be elected by the faction in Israel)
3 members from North America (will be elected by the continent’s members)
3 members from Europe (will be elected by the continent’s members)
1 member from Eastern Europe (will be elected by the continent’s members)
3 members from Latin America (will be elected by the continent’s members)
1 member from Australia (will be elected by the members of Meretz Australia)
(Each continent will elect its representatives by a democratic election procedure.)

E.     Termination of membership in the World Union of Meretz and its institutions
          The membership of a member of the World Union of Meretz shall expire if:
a.      Upon his resignation from the World Union of Meretz movement.

b.     Upon the death of a member of the World Union of Meretz movement.

c.   Upon the removal of a member from the World Union of Meretz.
c.1. The Secretariat is authorized to decide on the removal of a member from the World Union of Meretz.
c.2. The Secretariat will inform a member in writing of his removal and its reasons for this.
c.3. A member of the Secretariat of the World Union of Meretz who was not present at meetings of the Union Secretariat for a consecutive entire year will be replaced by a different member of the World Union of Meretz, after a warning letter has been sent to the member and he has been allowed to explain his reasons.
d.   The member may appeal to the World Meretz faction within 30 days of the written notification. (An extraordinary session will take place via email.) The decision of the World faction is final.
Amending the Constitution:
A.   The Convention will discuss and decide upon amendments to the constitution of the World Union movement, and they shall be accepted if at least two-thirds of the convention delegates present at it, who took part in the voting, voted in favor of them.
B.    Proposals for amendments to the movement’s bylaws shall be delivered to the Secretariat, no later than 60 days prior to the convening of the Convention. The Secretariat shall include these proposals in the Convention’s agenda, in coordination with the Preparatory Committee.
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