Position Holders

Dario (David) Teitelbaum -  Secretary General of the World Union of Meretz.


I made Aliyah to Israel in 1977 and I'm a member of Kibbutz Gvulot since 1980. I'm married to Anna Ratzar and a father of three daughters. In my current capacity I'm the Secretary General of the World Union of Meretz, a job I held since 2012. I was also the Head of the Latin America Desk of Hashomer movement a job I held from 1997-2015.

I am a member of the extended WZO Executive and Meretz Board, both from 2010. In addition, I am a Director of the Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad (Machon) since 2007 and founder and Educational Director of "Beit Mexico in Israel" since 2003.

Prior to my executive positions I  was the Hashomer Hatzair envoy to Chile during the Allende dictatorship and founded Hashomer Hatazair Ken in Santa Fe Argentina. In addition, I ran the Zionist Congress elections in 1987 in Litoral. I also worked as an investigative photographer for Be'tzelem in the Gaza Strip region, a young activist in Mapam and coordinator of the southern region and a Youth representative of Mapam in YUSI.

The World Union of Meretz and Hashomer Hatzair movement are my life's work. I held my many positions, including the World Union of Meretz Secretary General,until 2015, voluntarily as part of my contribution to the Israeli and Jewish left and a wish not to leave Judaism and Zionism solely in the hands of the right and religious streams.

Dror Morag 

Dror Morag, 36, resident of Bat-Yam, serves as Meretz Secretary General since April 2011. Prior, Dror was the Chairperson of the Zionist Council in Israel for one year and the Secretary General of the World Union of Meretz in 2006-2010 a job he held after working as the head or field operations of the Geneva initiative in 2005.

In the past Dror filled different positions in the Party among them the International Secretary, Vice President of IUSY on behalf of Young Meretz, Chairperson of Young Meretz and Head of field, procurement and logisticsoperations during the 2006, 2008 and 2009 elections.

In parallel with his work as Meretz Secretary General, Dror is also a member of the WZO Executive and the Jewish Agency Board of Governors. In this capacity Dror is a member of the Audit Committee, activism and sub-committee of Education Companies.

In the past year, Dror also serves as the Director and Chair of Monetary Committee of 'Daroma Tzafona Tikun Olam Inc. The company works on a variety of activist, educational projects, among them establishing a network of food cooperatives and tikun olam projects, worth millions on ILS. 

Dror's past endeavors include the Jewish Agency's missions to the Conservative Movement summer camps, founding member of BeFree Israel Hofsheet, military service in 'Tavor' Nahal Group, gap year in Kibbutz Beit Keshet and years of active membership in Hamachnot Haolim Youth Movement.  

Rany Trainin

Mr. Rany Trainin is the Acting Deputy Chair of The Jewish Agency's Executive. He is also Head of the Yoav Regional Council and Chairman of the Economics Committee of Israeli Mayors. He is a member of Kibbutz Beit Nir, of which he was Economic Manager and Treasurer.  He also managed a major fruit juice production facility. Mr. Trainin is a Board member of the Meretz Movement and a former member of the Board of the National Kibbutz Federation. A member of The Jewish Agency’s Board of Governors since 2002, he served as the Chairman of the Information Technology Committee and as Co-Chair of the Israel Committee. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of Beit Hatfutsot since 2012.

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